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Debt Collection Harassment

Collection companies are governed by strict rules and regulations. These regulations are intended to protect consumers from deceptive and harassing collection efforts.

Violations may occur if collection companies:

  • Contacted you after you requested not to be contacted
  • Contacted you in a manner in which you have requested not to be contacted. For example, you ask the collection company to only contact you by writing, and they call you
  • Threaten you in any manner whatsoever
  • Insult you
  • Imply that there is a possibility you could go to jail if the debt is not paid
  • Call you late at night or early in the morning
  • Call your work, or other individuals you know, and disclose the reason for the call
  • Misrepresent the amount or nature of the debt
  • Call you after you have hired an attorney

There are many other ways collection companies violate federal or state acts put in place to protect consumers. Call us today if you are being harassed by a collection company.